The Collie House: Original Dog House Design by Melissa J Brooks

WIN_20150718_104355  An assignment I received while taking a community college course on architecture was to design a dog house based on a particular breed. I choose a border collie inspired by my own pup Macy Lou. There are two corresponding cylindrical spaces linked together by a corridor. As the canine buddy enters the threshold the ceiling height is relative to their own stature however as they  proceed into either of the two conjoining spaces the ceiling height is elevated. Each cylindrical space would have Plexiglas to allow for light and visibility for the dog. The atmosphere I wanted to create was one where sight lines were connected all the way through. This would allow the dog to keep watch which is in line with the breeds nature.  Another feature was the green roof and ramp for the dog to perch and watch the ongoing of the yard. Not only would this create a comfortable seating area for the dog that mimics sitting on a hill but it would also insulate the space for winter and summer. Air vent at the and top of the structure would allow for ventilation. WP_20140430_014 WP_20140430_019 WP_20140430_006 (1) WP_20140430_006 WP_20140430_004 WP_20140430_011 (1) WP_20140430_011