Fun Facts

Hi my name is Melissa J. Brooks

I am a full-time graduate student at the Iowa State University currently working towards my Masters of Architecture degree and subsequent MBA.

In past years, I have worked as a multi-media artist, art broker, and within marketing in San Diego, California and Washington D.C. As you’ll discover on my site, I have a passion for the visual and theatrical arts and I’m very happy to share my journey and growth within my painting, drawing, and sculpting beautiful and fun artwork.

10 Fun Facts about Me

  • I decided to be an artist in first grade after I was inspired by my older my sister when she brought home a picture of a robin that her teacher helped her make. I thought “I can do that too.”
  • I spent 6 months in Greece and in the Greek language my name means honey bee, hence my blogger tag.
  • I have a hardworking,meticulous personality and have been known to forget to eat when I’m in the zone painting.
  • Aside from art,  I try to practice a sustainable lifestyle and I am interested in sustainable practices, interior design, architecture, and planning.
  • I’m double jointed
  • I was a State Track and Field champion in multiple events four years in a row and I’ve run in the Drake Relays multiple times.
  • When it comes to my skill set and techniques I’m a primarily self-taught artist.
  • I love to surf and have swum with sharks
  • I plan to get a motorcycle when I graduate
  • I have seen an obscene amount of movies and remember random trivia including b movie actor names and quotes which will subsequently make it onto my blog

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