Black Beautiful and Bold: Stylish Monochrome Rooms

So it seems that in the world of interior design black rooms are no longer the black sheep of the color family but the latest trend. And why not? They are pretty seductive and with everyone liking vampires and whatnot, naturally, isn’t this just the next step? No no, in all seriousness black can do a lot for a room. For one, they hold the most depth and make every other color/accent pop. And, if done properly black can bring coziness to the small room and elegance to the large. Just check out some of my favorites below if you don’t believe me. But, whatever your position on the matter maybe, I for one know I am a proponent of black being the new black.

Some things to consider when opting for black:

Get it right! What feeling are you going for? Many of you may not realize that there is both a cool black and a warm black. Blacks with bluer hues and can contribute to a more cool ambiance while blacks that align with redder hues can give your room a warmer feeling. While this is not a rule, do plan ahead and see if this will alter your final vision. 

Add a little pop!  Black rooms are like a blank canvas and going as far as adding a contrasting color (white is its opposite) or any solid color as an accent in a couch, lamp, pillow, or mantle can provide a lot of visual interest. Try teal, red, white, yellow, or a pattern to start! 

Bling-a-bling-bling! Other things that can really enhance a black room is its accessories. I am a firm believer that mirrors and lighting can make or break a room. Metallics in general can be contemporary. Whether you agree with me or not such things can add functionality by work to brighten the space as well as a bit of elegance. Organic textures like pieces out of wood or basketry can spin it in an entirely different direction When in doubt rugs, artwork, and good old books  are awesome investment too! The possibilities are endless. 


On the Streets of DC: Sutherland Street Mural in Dupont Circle

“The Toy Theater”
In August 2011, I had the honor of assisting White House Artist Peter Waddell in his endeavor to create a public mural for the residents of Dupont Circle. Walking past this space day after day from his apartment he was struck with the idea to make something bright and inviting as well as something that paid tribute to this neighborhood of Washington D.C.’s history.  Facing rain, sunshine, vertical heights of up to forty feet in harnesses, as well as hoardes of ankle biting mosquitoes this eye catching work of art  was completed in approximately two months. However, for me this young artist the process was just as rewarding as the end product. The friends, memories and experience gained from working on the”Toy Theater” is something that I will always cherish. While much of what happened has been captured in this photo diary more on everyone’s efforts can be caught in the young producer Dominic Green’s documentary ” The Toy Theater.” For more images please visit the official blog for the project.


New Year New Greener/Sustainable You

Take time to recycle that bottle or better yet carry your own nalgoen

Join an organization

Give your car a rest and Bike more

Add more veggies to your diet and compost the scraps!

Use non-toxic cleaners like borax, vinegar, baking soda, salt, or lemon juice!

Store rainwater; use your roof as the collector
Insulate walls and ceilings to save energy..easily done with caulk and weatherstrips. 

Fix leaky pipes to save water.