Dream Home Series 3- Patio and Pool Spaces

Hey everyone! I am back again with another entry for my dream home series. By this point I have a collection of inspirational photos found using stumble and google. However, this time I feel like these really capture what I would I would want my outside space to look like…As you see my eye really is drawn to open but intimate spaces that have a nice lounging area and infinity pool. The space as a whole would be awesome if it blurred the line between outdoors and indoors on some secluded property. I don’t know why but this part is so much easier to envision. I hope you enjoy.
What I like about this first space a photo from the Kona House…is that the infinity pool isnt too deep but acts as a functional pool as well as water feature. I also like how the indoor outdoor lines are blurred with the outdoors furniture, rug, and kitchen.

A blue oasis if ever one! I just love this idea and layout. I believe that this pool is located inside and further pictures reveal that it can be covered up with glass during the daytime to  walk. Imagine if this was your bath??? Or even if it was a pool how baller would it be to be able to wake up in the morning and take a dip. How heavenly!

I will admit I am a sucker for this type of architecture. This set up is so grand but at the same time relaxing looking. I mean look at the columns and the roof. Plus I am in absolute love with the outdoor bed! Now this may just be silly but for some reason I am reminded of that movie the King and I. And lets just say that if I was rolling in that type of money I would surely share this space with my king.

Do I need to say anything about this!!!?? I mean this is just spectacular. I don’t think it would ever get old! I am really in love with the vibrancy of this photo and the color scheme of the decor. It simply compliments the natural environment to the full.

If I could take on a character from Sex and the City I would save up my money and live here in a second!!! What an awesome view! Although there is not a pool in this outdoor space I do like the quaint size as well as the many feature (sculpture, greenery, fire pit?) incorporated. I feel this is just a very good use of space!

What draws me into this space probably draws from my fascination with tree houses…but its really is the marvelous tree and deck. I mean the infinity pool is just floating on this thing! How fun would it be to wake up drink your coffee on this bed then climb the tree for a view. 

Pool over ocean …need I say more! KOOOOOOL!

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