Plastics Buildings for the Homeless ?

CaptureRecently, I came across this video which in short highlights an initiative to provide housing for homeless in Columbia by building 430sqft structures out of recycled plastic!

At a glance, it is a brilliant altruistic idea that has a lot of potential in helping an array of housing and environmental issues present in almost every country. This not only includes populations that are homeless, but those that may have been displaced due to naturally occurring disasters, social/political strife, war, or those areas which are experiencing shortages of material or an abundance of trash. The process demonstrated in the video appears simple enough:

Collect plastics (bottles, containers, etc.) → mill them down → melt and mold into bricks → stack via tongue and groove.

Capture 2On a more critical note, I still harbor some questions about it:

  • The structural stability of these houses
  • The lifespan of the material ( how it will degrade and affect the environment)
  • Potential hazardous health effects from long-term exposure to the plastics and additives
  • Large-scale  feasibility for a large issue

What are your thoughts on utilizing this material? I would also love to hear  if you know more about the specifics of this project?

14 Ways to Rekindle You’re Flame with the Earth

Who says you can’t show a little love to the planet this Valentine’s day? Whether your solo, or shacked up, rekindle your relationship by following these 14 lovely tips.

  1. Take a wildlife watching walk in a nearby national park or visit a natural history museum.
  2. Bypass the chemicals in perfume and purchase essential oils for your sweetheart.
  3. Be competitive and play outdoor sports (ice skating hockey skiing for you snow bunnies and volleyball, surfing, hiking, or kayaking for us lucky people). Despite where you live, what better way for you to get your blood pumping 😉 
  4. Throw a dinner party or night in using the food you clear out from that old fridge or freezer. Pretend to be a master chef and make a creative challenge out of it!
  5. Pick out a tree together that symbolizes your love and if you can plant it or just spend sometime outdoors gardening.
  6. Visit your local farmers’ markets and indulge in local food. 
  7. Unwind by sitting outdoors in solitude or having a picnic (for you snowbound folks building a snowman instead is just as fun) with your partner.
  8. Invest in some binoculars to watch birds with your other half then try making a card by drawing what you see for each other on recycled paper.
  9. Send a paperless Valentine’s Day card using an E-card.The Natural Resource Defense Council e-card is a great one because  when you buy you are also donating.
  10. Enjoy a tasty treat while donating 10% of the sale toward protecting animals and their habitat by giving Endangered Species Chocolate. Also, check out  The Huffington Post’s chocolate list.
  11. Go a romantic camping trip or just experience a spectacular sunset then layout under the stars. Take some memorable photos.
  12. Take a trip to a working farm and see where your food and other products come from/are made.
  13. Do some nummy activities with your hunny by baking vegan cookies together!
  14. If popping the big question, consider looking into antique or pre-owned rocks with unique cuts and that also bypasses the need for additional pollution caused by mining.


New Year New Greener/Sustainable You

Take time to recycle that bottle or better yet carry your own nalgoen

Join an organization

Give your car a rest and Bike more

Add more veggies to your diet and compost the scraps!

Use non-toxic cleaners like borax, vinegar, baking soda, salt, or lemon juice!

Store rainwater; use your roof as the collector
Insulate walls and ceilings to save energy..easily done with caulk and weatherstrips. 

Fix leaky pipes to save water.