Hey everyone! This post maybe nonsense, but I just had to do it because I was really surprised.

While I can’t really take credit for this particular item, I can say that I am excited to see one of the wall papers that I spotlighted in my post Style Starter Up being used by the interior design staff of the Bad Girls Las Vegas (season 8) on Oxygen!

Please click image for more information about the wall paper.

I’ll admit that I’m not an avid watcher of the reality hit or reality TV in general, but  for those of you that are not aware of this show I’ll lay it out for you. The premise of the show centers around a group of seven women living in a house with psychological, behavioral and attitudinal problems to boot. With all of them claiming to be the baddest “bad girl,” there’s never a dull moment.  Each episode almost guarantees a series of physical fights, pranks, and rivalries. So, essentially  the entertainment value is based around a of bunch of women downgrading other women, which I am NOT a proponent of,  but who am I to say what’s entertainment. To each his own.

Anyway, please watch the first six seconds of this clip to catch the wallpaper. Its to the left of the screen while the girls are on the phone. And if your feeling a little bad why not watch the rest?…Until next time.

(Oh, and you usually see it more often in full episodes)

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