We Are All Connected: Japanese Tsunami Debris & More Thoughts

Tsunami Debris
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Hey everyone I just read this article on the Huffington Post “Green” section and wanted to share it with you.  What a sad reminder of a horrific time.  Immediately, I thought of how this is just another reminder to us all that everything in the world in connected (earth, water, air) in the respect that everything is transient.  We really cannot keep living with the mentality that  we are impervious from what happens in our neighbors home, yard, state, or country and that it won’t hurt me. Just think of how air pollution, runoff, and waste we emit and where it goes. That is a big idea I want all my readers to think about…where do the things you see in your daily life go and eventually end up? Do you know or do you only think you know? Odds are that researching it will reveal some surprising facts that you didn’t know before.With that in mind I believe that education, discussion, and collaboration are foundational in starting to become better stewards of the earth and of each other. Please read below for the article.

Japan Tsunami Debris Forecast Discussed By Scientists 

HONOLULU (AP) — Lumber, boats and other debris ripped from Japanese coastal towns by tsunamis last year have spread across some 3,000 miles to areas halfway across the North Pacific, and could wash ashore on remote islands north of Hawaii any day now. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates the first bits of tsunami debris will land at small atolls northwest of the main Hawaiian Islands this winter. 

NOAA’s tsunami marine debris coordinator, Ruth Yender, told an online news conference Tuesday that agency workers looking for the debris are boarding Coast Guard flights that regularly patrol the archipelago. 

NOAA is also asking scientists stationed at Midway and other atolls to look for it.
Yender says so far no debris confirmed to be from the tsunamis has landed on U.S. shores.

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