Snuggle Up with Your Book In these Cool Reading Nooks

If reading can be transformational why shouldn’t the space you read in follow suit?

Finding a good reading spot is like finding money with a metal detector. The idea of a good reading spot varies because its inherant with the reader. Some people can read in a desk and chair, some outside under a tree, and some on a crowded subway. Personally, I  find nooks to be ideal and think that there are some overarching elements that make them a great  addition to have in every home, office, or school.

The best reading nooks need to have the perfect combination of comfort, light,  and cave-like secret privacy that causes you to manifest an anti-social fervor that reads, “I’m too cool for you.  I’m reading.”

In this safe space, the reader can fully escape into the throws of the story and feel no shame doing the following:

theatrical masks with range of emotion sad surprised mad annoyed scaredCrying
Throwing down your book with anticipation.

Why? Because its expected here. That is what you do.

So where can you create these spaces?


By Your Favorite Window

This is one of the easiest places to create your nook. All you really need is a body pillow or old cushion and maybe spice it up with some candles on the sill. Also, its portable so if the time of day is too harsh or you discover you want a different window to sit under than its as easy as 1,2,3.
reading loft at end of stairwell with ladder to reachwhite cushions  and books near arched window looking over Mediterranean

By The Fireplace

red adobe fire place with large shag ottoman and librarySnuggling up with a romance book is always pleasant. Even while your fantasy lover may break your heart, you can be comforted in your nook by the fire. While the first image illlustrates a luxurious room this can easily be recreated by throwing down a blanket, shag rug, ottoman, or bean bags.


 –The homeowner here took the door off which provides for easy and accessible lighting.
— They Installed some shelves which can be optional and fairly quick to do.
green trim closet with no door and bookshelves–Lastly they made a custom platform with cushion. You could supplement that feature by squeezing in an ottoman or comfy chair instead.

Loft It

Have a weird loft space you have been using to store your vases? Kick those things off and make it a reading nook. Just attach a ladder and you’ll be far from all your problems.

empty room with closet and loft space no doorsreading nook lofted above and office space white

Under The Stairs

reading nook under staircase colorful pillows and cushionTransform that broom closet under the stairs into a unique little retreat for you and your best books to get away. The space already exists so no add ons other than maybe installing some shelves or placing a bean bag, pad, or bench. Take off the door for more lighting or stick up  one of these babies.


Ye Old Guest Room

dark pink room with library bed and reading nook
Unlike your own bedroom in which you visit every night,  no one really goes in here and sometimes you even forget it exists.  Yet, by repurposing the room as a nook and guest room you come out getting a multifunctional space and a great escape. Once you secure the door you can  lock into your book.
As always I appreciate feed back on this lil posts of mine. If you find them helpful tell me about them! If you have a few tips drop me a email! In either case I hope you enjoyed.

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