Things that Make You Think Twice- The Undesirables

imgresThe Hunted and the Hated: An Inside Look at the NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk  is short documentary that details the malevoent nature of an ongoing but often underlooked policy endorsed by justice officials and practiced by NYPD officers . It showcases what many are saying  are often illegal acts, prompted by racial profiling, and are serious violations of privacy rights. Not protecting or serving.

According to the New Civil Liberties Union:

An analysis by the NYCLU revealed that innocent New Yorkers have been subjected to police stops and street interrogations more than 4 million times since 2002, and that black and Latino communities continue to be the overwhelming target of these tactics. Nearly nine out of 10 stopped-and-frisked New Yorkers have been completely innocent, according to the NYPD’s own reports.

I have respect for police and realize that most are hard working individuals but felt promtped to write this post because people should know about the corrupt ranks. Anyway, Take a look and decide for yourself.

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