Las Vegas Food Hub: A Change of Plans

Main Floor plan

Literally, our architectural plans as well as site has changed! After much consideration of our mission, and a visit to Las Vegas, we have decided to move our project building to another area (the corner of Bonneville Ave, 1st and 1st, Garces Ave).

This new change affords us many advantages. Here are our top 4 reasons:

  1. In order to instill our wellness concept as well as aggregate and distribute healthy food options we value access to our site. Our new location offers this via its proximity to the main bus terminal in Las Vegas, the RTC Bus and Bike Hub. It is also situated by a main thoroughfare Bonneville Ave and in walking distance of the downtown.
  2. Our location, in turn provides us more visibility as the amount of foot and vehicular traffic is considerably higher than our original Mission Linen (1st and Coolidge Ave) site. Calculating estimates  for this traffic may aid in validating the
  3. The existing infrastructure around our site is positioned for new development. The City of Las Vegas, has planned to implement more housing in the area as well as facilitate more commercial growth. Changes have already occurred in regards to improving the streetscape with form based code, the inclusion of on street parking, wider sidewalks with shading, and bike lanes.
  4. Our new site is approximately 40,000 square feet which provides us more space to organize and expand our programs into zones within our building.

While all of this is a bit exciting there is still a lot of work to do. We are practically restarting in many ways, however; because our concept it so strong many of the ideas for spaces that appeared in our initial iteration may still transfer over. So, stay tuned for more to come.



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