3 Great Brands to Source Statement Tile

Want to know a little more about my design sense? I’ve always been a big fan of incorporating tile into my projects. In fact, it’s one of my favorite samples to arrive on my work desk. I think there is something about the variety of styles, sizes, and textures that they come in that just make me nerd out. Not only that, but they are extremely durable and versatile in their installation. So as of late, I have been combing through some of my favorite contemporary brands for products that really stand out. Ready to make a statement? Well, I hope the following list serves as an inspiration for you too.

Fireclay Tile


Timeless, bold, and beautiful.

Fireclay Tile offers an array of colorful products to choose from for your next project. Did I mention the color? With over 130 hand mixed pigments the hues in each of their products, be it glass tile, handmade tile, or thin brick, are simply gorgeous. Fireclay goes the extra mile and recycles their main body colors to a promote a more sustainable production process. Comparatively, of the three on this list, this manufacturer offers shapes, styles, and patterns that you are more than likely used to seeing. However, don’t discount them as they are still a step apart from the average distributor and they have the added bonus of being made in the USA. They send up to five free samples in a request so see for yourself.

Desert Collection



Pattern. Pattern. More Pattern.

If you are looking to introduce colorful, bold pattern with a dash of Parisian flare the manufacturer Popham is a great resource. Their tile products are not only edgy but cohesive. So, if you are not keen on figuring out how to configure what could equate to a large scale paint by numbers endeavor their preselected combinations typically have you covered. Patterns range from geometric to organic with color combinations that often elicit a bit of a mid-century/retro vibe. Popham is a bit different from the other on this list in that they are actually a cement tile. According to their website, their production process is also environmentally conscious in that they utilizes a hydraulic press rather than a kiln “so very little energy goes into their production” and their products “contain no lead or other harmful toxins.” Who doesn’t love knowing they won’t be scraping off lead as they remove spaghetti sauce from their wall? Eh? Me. In all seriousness, I support and look for that type of commitment in the materials I select. If your interested in selecting them too Popham is a Paris base manufacturer but has an international distributor.

Wow Collection by Wowdesigneu


Dimension. Texture. Form.

The Wow Collection is definitely on the forefront of ceramic tile trends. They have an especially great selection of tiles that play with relief, wall to ceiling installations, and transitions. My current favorites are Elle, Stripes/Transition (both pictured below) and 60° (not pictured). Not your thing? Don’t worry as each of their collections have a distinctly different style from the next so if you are looking for something “unique” with a bit of high end appeal their diverse catalog will most likely have something that suits your taste. Whatever you choose your visitors may leave the space saying “Wow wow we waa” (excuse the Borat plug). Wowdesigneu is a Spain based company with state side vendors so check with one closest to you to get an idea of sample distribution and lead time.

“Elle” from the “Boho Collection”
Stripes/Stripes Transition

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  1. Thanks Melissa! You’re advice and style is unmatched! So glad to have you guide us!

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