On the Streets of DC: H Street Festival and its Crazy Car Art

So I am writing this post because I just wanted to share these pictures with everyone that I happened to stumble upon. A month ago I went to the H Street festival in Washington DC and had a really good time snapping pictures of the excitement. From my understanding, what was really cool about this festival was  that they were celebrating the fact that they were finally approved for reconstruction after the destruction of the 1968 DC riots. They are the last section of the city to be approved which is pretty ridiculous seeing that it was 43 years ago and its the capital. Anyway, what I found to be really unique were the amount of people displaying their artwork on their cars, literally! Granted every city has some of these iconic vehicles but how often do you see them all show up at once?! Well the following are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

Western + Back to the Future Mobile

 Look toward the back of the pic and you’ll see this retro 1960 feeling vehicle I’ve deemed The Tin Van

  Celebrity Mobile- Rock and Blues Icons

I call this one the overtly enthusiastic soccer mom. Look how many bumper stickers there are and the shrine at the top. I mean wow that took some time!

Awesome kid counting to make sure all his kit-kats were still there! Haha the little things! I had to put this in.