Favorite childhood movies with fantastic costumes, scenery, and or anamatronics

After scraping through my memories I wanted to share a list films which fostered my preference and appreciation of animatronics and well planned (and budgeted) set/costume design over contemporary CGI. While CGI has been all and well  I will always hold a soft spot for the more traditional methods. Anyway, scan, enjoy, rate, and share with me any titles you feel should have made it on.

~Note~ I do not own any of these images ( discovered through standard google search) if you would like me to take them down or accredit something that is missing please let me know by leaving a comment).

The Goonies (1985)

Where to start with this one. Well, this cult classic (starring Corey Fieldman, Sean Astin, and Martha Plimpton) is one wild ride about a group of misfit kids who ban together in order to score some pirate booty as a last ditch effort to save their family homes from eviction from a housing developer.

Why doesn’t that sound delightful.

goonies-piratesAlthough their are some more serious undertones like facing adversity and standing in solidarity, this is primarily a very fun, action packed, and adventurous movie. A word of warning, overtly sensitive parents/people beware, because this movie is of true 80’s fashion in that its rambunctious and less censored in terms of scenarios and language. But let’s be real it was always much better that way.

Most memorable scenery

  • Navigating booby-traps with a cameo by the missing Chester Copperfield
  • The skeleton organ and someone’s money well spent on piano lessons
  • The floating pirate ship and the overtly blue sea water…dare I say Mediterranean blue in the Pacific?
  • Uncovering one eyed  Willies “rich stuff “?(gives side-eye)

Best Makeup/costume-  Sloth

While there’s some pretty funny and possibly intentional inuednos in this movie it is one that will leave you in a light mood and feeling like doing the truffle shuffle.

The Witches (1990)

AS a kid this movie scared me during certain parts but in a good way. Actually, this gif is the creepier than the movie, I promise!

The tale, no pun intended, revolves around a little boy and his grandmother who are staying at a hotel in England. After accidentally spying on a convention of witches and overhearing a plan to turn all children into mice through a magical formula, the little boy, Luke, is turned into a mouse himself.   Luke along with his grandmother and a boy who suffered the same fate come up with a plan to fight the witches.

What really pulls you into the yarn this film spins are the cohesion of scenes shot at the mouse eye view, the use of live animals, and the mice puppets. Particularly, I found that the mouse POV really parallels a child’s perspective in the sense that the interactions with the adults consists of either being shooed off, not seen, and or misunderstood by them (adults).  

Lastly, the prosthetic used for the mouse transformations and witches true nature are amazingly grotesque and realistic. This is especially true for Anjelica Huston’s grand witch anseemble.

Most memorable make up/ animatronics

  • Grand Witch- Anjelica Huston

Most memorable scene but not scenery 

  • Stomping of bad mice


Hook (1991)

Probably my all time favorite childhood movie is the 1991 film Hook staring Robin Williams, Dennis Hoffman, Maggie Smith, Julia Roberts, and Dante Basco. Essentially, the movie revolves around a grown-up Peter Pan having to return to the land  that really only children and boo boo box pirates can go to in order to save his kids from Hook all the while recovering lost memories. No exaggeration, I used to watch this on VHS over and over as a child and it was undoubtedly because I was immersed in the alternate universe that they had created. Imagine the Never Never land map (or just google it) and then imagine all the pockets of mysticism it in compasses. From the ocean floor, pirate ships, tree forts, long forgotten caverns, to areal views; this movie serves up some very indulgent imagery and then leaves your imagination kicking up fairy dust to fill in the adventurous possibilities.

Most memorable scenery

  •  Areal views of island
  •  Lost boy camp and tree houses
  •  Pirate ships
  •  Tinkerbell’s house
  •  Food on lost boys’ dinner table

The other reason I really liked this movie was because the characters were relate-able to kid Melissa, particularly the lost boys. Scroungy, edgy, colorful, independent, vulnerable, and brave. I really wanted to be them. I wanted to fly,I wanted to fight, I never wanted to grow up, and I wanted to cock-a-cock-a-doo (rooster film reference).

charactersMost memorable costumes

  • Mermaids
  • Tinkerbell
  • Hook
  • Rufio
  • Peter

If you have never seen this film I would recommend picking it up if not only to see why the late Robbin Williams, in one of his first children oriented roles, was so beloved as a versatile actor and comedian . There are many more reasons why I love this movie (cough Dante Basco) but it was definitely the reason I’m enjoy escapism through film and literature today. Bangarang my friends. Bang-a-rang.

Honorable mentions (…that I am too lazy to write a full review on but are still dear to me heart)

Explorers (1985)

movies movie film 80s films

Little Monsters (1989)

Ninja Turtles, II, III (1990,1991, 1993)

The NeverEnding Story I, II (1984, 1990)

The Labyrinth (1986)

labyrinth80s david bowie bowie labyrinth  

The Dark Crystal (1982)

cartoons & comics dark crystalmovies 80s fantasy muppets jim henson

ET (1982)

80s et steven spielberg et the extra-terrestrial

Dream Home Series 4- Cozy Attic Spaces

The attic was the space in my home that always held the most mystery to me because I was rarely allowed to go in it due to the exposed nails in the ceiling and insulation. But I dreamed of a space where I could explore for hours. Remember the movie the Goonies circa 1980 something when the kids went up and found one eyed willies map to buried treasure. Well, I wanted that but alas I am hear projecting my design desires in this weeks post. 
 In my dream home I aspire to create a cozy intimate space that has an ere of mystery while is reminiscent of the the past. Functionally, it will serve as a get away where I can relax reflect and feel very safe as well as a place to read. Aesthetically, I wish it to maintain some kind of rustic element in the roof and flooring and have an inter play or light and darks. Well, I hope these images inspire you. Please feel free to share comments and thank you!
This image holds has a fantastical feel. I love the exposed dark ceiling, white curtains, and light coming through the patio door. 

I am drawn to this image because it really appeals to my inner child and its desire to explore through nostaligic and handed down family pieces. While junky, its almost a comfortable mess.

The third image is a screen shot from the movie the A Little Princess. Its the attic at on top of the boarding school/orphanage. What really appeals to me is the flooring and massive amount of space and HUGE windows! The following  image is what the girls were able to create with their imagination and help from a nice man next store who also seemed to have impeccable taste. 

I am drawn to this fifth  for mainly the same reason as the first. However, the amount of transparency the space has due to the amount of windows really adds an element of creativity. I say creativity because there is something about being at the highest point of your home  able to look out endlessly that evokes a sense of fantasy which for me at least goes hand in hand with fantasy.

The sixth and seventh image is a bit more modern than the others with its contemporary style and renovated ceiling and floor. But, it still appeals to me because I really enjoys the idea of the attic serving as an additional media/ lounge room to the house. 

I like this space because it has multiple functions as a bathroom and bedroom. In this particular space the exposed beam and that darned exotic wood screen really get me. I mean isn’t the idea of the attic as a spa get away in your own home a seductive one?

I like the slanted ceiling look when its accompanied by windows and this room that is what I am most drawn too…I would have to say that having the attic as your master/ guest bedroom would be a unique feature in your house and would free up other rooms for other purposes. Imagine how snug a rainy morning would be.

I just see this as the epitome of snug.   Sometimes windows are not needed just warm lighting and texture.
Lastly I think the attic serving as an additional office in the home is a great way to gain desired work space in an often under utilized area. This homeowner leaves the bones of the structure exposed giving it a slightly rustic feel in an all around clean cozy looking room. Well done. 

Please notice. I do not own any of these photos. ALL images were acquired through unknown sources utilizing google image search engine. If anyone has a claim to know where these are from feel free to message me or leave a comment so I can give proper citations. Thank you.