What to do about Monsanto Protection Act

*Sigh* this Monsanto Protection Act gives me a major headache and makes me sick literally. Its not something we should be wrangled into like cattle. Soon our perceptions about growing tomatoes is going to be like growing marijuana in your basement. Ridiculous, on both ends. So you can either stock up on uv lights or join this ridiculous fight for food security and accessibilty. What can we do about it? The first step I’m taking is to sign this petition in the small hopes that maybe it’ll get someones attention. I encourage you to do so also. http://bit.ly/14ouvTU

What’s the other alternatives. Make a stink about it. You know how to take things into your own hands right? Get people together and get involved with/or create more community gardens. Where? Do it at your school, your university, outside your house, inside your house, at your church, or in that weird lot behind where you work. Better yet, support small local farmers by going to farmers markets. Get to know who is growing your food and how. But to give a fair warning, in some cities and states even if you start growing food in your own yard you can get fined. http://nyti.ms/VXWQav