Las Vegas Food Hub: Envisioning Sensory Spaces

These are few narrative drawing that I’ve created which have emerged out of my team’s discussions of what we are envisioning for the space. While I pride myself as a inspiring architect, much of my personal design senses and interests are and have been rooted in the human experience with interior spaces. This includes, both tactical and sensory interactions.

Often in the beginning stages of design I partake in these type of  narrative drawings, be them abstract or fleshed out, to serve a few different avenues. For one, much like sketching as they serve as a springboard for generating ideas. I often prefer collages,as its a fast way to add texture and color. On that note, when working with others these can easily aid guide our material choices, act as a visual cue to get feedback from respected resources, and record thought processes in which can be referenced if the project strays from any initial deign guidelines.

In regards to the Las Vegas Food hub initiative, I  fully intend to update this post as we produce a few more of these. Any feedback is welcomed!

narrative 1.png
Abstraction of production and performing spaces
One of two main entries
narrative 3
Yoga Studio

Oh Hell No! Check out the article that has people holding back their lunch.

Photo by David Parry PA Wire

Can you imagine picking up test- tube breed beef off of your grocery shelves Check out the full article  from Fast Company Magazine that has some people holding their lunch back. In my opinion, this is just a tier above pink slim. Utterly gross. But, I’m guessing that they set off on this venture to try and keep up with our over consumption of meat products which is a real problem environmentally as well as financially. However, I don’t believe that this is as of yet the best method to solve the issue as each burger costs about 331000.00 US Dollars to make and takes about 8 weeks. On the flip side of this broiling dilemma this could present itself as an opportunity to possibly lessen the senseless slaughter of so many animals. With meat being manufactured in the lab who would need the traditional farm right?! (great another problem). But I doubt the pushers behind this endeavor had cow rights on the brain. I think that this advancement is another of reflection of just how far our scientific advancements are and the potential for this technology to be used for medical purposes if ever sanctioned. But like every new thing there is a darker reality in how it might be used. Ever see the movie Re-Po Men? What are your thoughts on the matter? Would u throw one of these guys on the grill?