Plastics Buildings for the Homeless ?

CaptureRecently, I came across this video which in short highlights an initiative to provide housing for homeless in Columbia by building 430sqft structures out of recycled plastic!

At a glance, it is a brilliant altruistic idea that has a lot of potential in helping an array of housing and environmental issues present in almost every country. This not only includes populations that are homeless, but those that may have been displaced due to naturally occurring disasters, social/political strife, war, or those areas which are experiencing shortages of material or an abundance of trash. The process demonstrated in the video appears simple enough:

Collect plastics (bottles, containers, etc.) → mill them down → melt and mold into bricks → stack via tongue and groove.

Capture 2On a more critical note, I still harbor some questions about it:

  • The structural stability of these houses
  • The lifespan of the material ( how it will degrade and affect the environment)
  • Potential hazardous health effects from long-term exposure to the plastics and additives
  • Large-scale  feasibility for a large issue

What are your thoughts on utilizing this material? I would also love to hear  if you know more about the specifics of this project?

Cool Nature Video in Slow Motion

If you don’t want to read my attempt at a poem that’s okay but please watch this video because; wow. The cinematography is amazing and even inspired me to try something I never do. Hope you enjoy and I also welcome comments!:)

Nature is beautiful.
Nature is awe inspiring.
The miniature life; a small creatures strife.
Whirlwinds and thunder;
How life goes on is its own wonder.
Soft, strong, scary dawn;
Howling, growling, hairy, blonde;
Strands of grass amongst a bare plain.
Structures long gone.
Hidden crevices, tendrils; nemisis
meetings in unlikely places.
Planned and strategized battles and races.
Various kingdoms, donning ecological wisdom;
Checks and balances with no true malice.
Nature will bring you on your knees and then lift you up.
Its justice knowing no faces.
Tender, quiet, silent night.
Like the dew on a leaf it only take one moment to ignite a belief that
there can never be enough;

An attempt at poetry by yours truly- Melissa Brooks


Never Grow Up

Apart of me has always wanted to build or at least temporarily own a treehouse. Why? Maybe its because my dad never let us have one in fear of broken bones. Or maybe it steams from my childhood fascination with the movie Hook. I really don’t know. What I do know is that they’re very high, seem very adventurous, and can be tricked out to look very cool. Heres some photos of ones I’ll never let my kids have… Also for more kinds check out